The majority of grain is marketed in the bottom one third of the market.

Cargill Pacer is a grain marketing tool that guarantees the average price and helps you keep pace with a volatile world. The Pacer contract allows you to select the averaging period you desire and gives you the control to price out at any time.


The Pacer contract can be established for any averaging period that you want. After selecting your averaging period, you can deliver new or old crop, grain in the bin, or even from the field – and then let the contract capture the average price of the time period you chose. You have the control to price out at any time, and the flexibility to establish your basis any time prior to delivery.

When Is it Used?

Decades of market history show that there are times throughout the year where the market has more volatility – and therefore, historically higher market prices. Post-harvest and pre-planting (late fall through early spring) are two of these historically volatile times. Cargill offers two Pacer contracts with averaging periods during the post-harvest and pre-planting seasons to capture the potential market highs.

Contact your local Cargill rep to learn more about Pacer contracts.

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