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Knowledge Leads The Way

Marketing your grain well is one of the keys to unlocking farm profitability. But marketing grain begins with a goal – what do you want to accomplish on the farm this year? In five years? In ten? Cargill MarketGuide advisors start at the beginning, knowing that your goals will set the tone for your grain marketing plan. Not only will these advisors help you create your goals, but a plan to help reach and even exceed them. More importantly, a Cargill MarketGuide advisor will help you revisit and work your plan throughout the year, particularly when the market signals opportunity.

How Cargill MarketGuide Works

With the support of our Central Office in Minneapolis and Cargill's global network, you will have access to two local grain marketing advisors that will help you to both build and execute on your grain marketing plan.

1. Farm Profile

Your local MarketGuide advisors start with a comprehensive profile of your operation, including your appetite for risk. Your farm profile informs your marketing plan and helps your local team figure out the best approach for your operation.

2. Daily and Weekly Reports

Your local MarketGuide advisors analyze a constant flow of data from around the world, and work with our dedicated Risk Managers in Minneapolis to create daily and weekly reports. The team helps you to cut through the noise so that you can make informed grain marketing decisions.

3. Recommendations and Alerts

Your MarketGuide team provides personalized, timely pricing recommendations. Our comprehensive advice covers futures, cash grain sales, and energy purchases.

4. Farm Maximizerâ„¢

Execution is everything when it comes to grain marketing, and Farm Maximizer is our specialized grain marketing software. Farm Maximizer helps keep you focused on profitability, and acts as the common language between you and your advisory team. Farm Maximizer is the key to helping you reach the short and long terms goals of your operation.

Take Your Grain Marketing to the Next Level

Talk to your Cargill representative about getting the marketing help you need with CargillMarketGuide.

Cargill MarketGuide is offered by Cargill Commodity Services, Inc., a registered commodity trading advisor and introducing broker and a wholly owned subsidiary of Cargill, Incorporated. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. The risk of loss in trading commodity interests can be substantial.

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